Paris-Orly airport

Going to the airport by car
Route description: Take the A6 freeway (Autoroute du Sud) from Porte d'Orléans (A6a), or from Porte the Gentilly (A6b). Follow the signs "Aéroport d'Orly" to the A106 (motorway). The travel time is approximately 20-45 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.
The P1 and P3 parking areas are located immediately next to Orly 3, from where the flights of Transavia depart. There are different parking fees for the weekend, for long parking and an hourly fee for parking for a short time.
From the airport by public transport
With the Orlyval-line: when departing from Orly 3, the travel time to Antony is approximately 8 minutes. The Orlyval departs every 4 and 7 minutes.
If you travel from the airport to Paris, you can buy a ticket that you can use to travel the entire route, including using the Orlyval. The travel times involved are:
  • Approximately 15 minutes to Denfert-Rochereau
  • Approximately 25 minutes to Châtelet-Les-Halles
  • Approximately 28 minutes to Gare du Nord
To the airport by taxi or limousine
More information about taxis and limousine transport can be found on the website of Paris-Orly (in English).
Services and regulations on the airport
To help you find your way around Orly 3, you can look into the map.
Services for passengers who have a handicap
If you are in the possession of a parking card for the disabled (in France this is a GIC-GIG card), you may continue to the drop-off point between terminal B and C at Orly 3.
  • Parking: you receive a discount of 50% if you possess a parking card for the disabled, there are special parking spaces, which you can use.
  • Taxis G7 offers taxi transport for people who are disabled and who live in Paris or Ile-de-France
  • You may also use the airport shuttle busses of ADP, which are suitable for the transport of passengers who are disabled. There are also waiting areas at the airport, which are suitable for people who are disabled.
  • Since 6 November 2006 there are new regulations with regard to the transport of liquids in your hand luggage.
  • We recommend that you are present to check-in well in advance of the planned departure time of the flight. The check-in counters close 30 minutes prior to the planned departure time of the flight.
  • Never accept any luggage from somebody you do not know. Report to the airport staff if you saw any suspicious luggage.
Customs formalities and regulations
You can find all information about travel documents, the transport of money and your purchases after going through customs on the website of Paris-Orly Airport (in English)
Minors travelling from/to France
For minors who are travelling from/to France, with or without the French nationality, special regulations apply.
Airport facilities
The following services are available at Orly 3:
  • drop-off point for found objects
  • post office
  • information counter
  • play area for children
  • financial services, for example for buying traveller’s checks or exchanging money
Options for relaxing
You will find various comfortable chairs in the lobby of gate D21 where you can sit down to relax for a while. Various shops where you can by perfume, cosmetics, wine, spirits and food are also available. Also, a range of bars, fast food and other restaurants.