Rotterdam The Hague Airport

The most important advantages of Rotterdam Airport:

  • Cheaper flights
  • Rapidly checking in and out
  • Excellent catering and tax-free shopping
  • Easily reached by car and public transport
Destinations from and to Rotterdam Airport
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Rapid check-in and check-out procedures
Due to the short distances and rapid check-in procedures, you only have to be present one and a half hours prior to departure for a flight from Rotterdam Airport. The check-in counters are open from 2 hours prior to departure. From the check-in counter it is only a few steps to the security control. After an efficient control, you immediately find yourself in the departure hall. 

Facilities at the airport
In the departure hall, you will find the Rotterdam Airport Shop. This shop offers a wide assortment at attractive prices. In addition to gift articles, travel essentials, jewellery, clothing and other luxury articles it also has books and pc-software.