Switch to central security at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

In the night of 2 to 3 June 2015, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol switched to a central security system for destinations outside the Schengen Area. Before this, the airport had already switched to central security for travel within the Schengen Area.

For you, this means that...

If you depart from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and you are travelling to a destination outside the Schengen Area, you proceed to security after having checked in. As soon as you and your hand luggage have been checked, you only need to go through passport control. After that, you simply proceed to the gate. The controls, therefore, no longer take place at the gate but at a central point in the airport building. This means you no longer have to wait in the glass rooms at the gate. 

These are the Schengen countries:

Belgium, Malta, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Finland, Poland, France, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Lithuania, Sweden, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia are not yet part of the Schengen Area.