Join us in our mission to provide lowest cost, yet attractive offers to our mutual clients. Our API and your platform will make it happen together. With our API your innovation potential is unleashed. Integrate our content in your website, platform or software and start earning at zero costs. Let’s go nuts!

An introduction to our API


  • Direct access to 100+ destinations in Europe

  • Direct access to low(est) airfares, but feelgood service

  • Earn with margins on flights and ancillaries

  • Realize automation - No more manual booking

  • Easy integration of Transavia content

  • Multilingual e-mail confirmations

API functionalities

1. Create bookings: “You are able to search, select and book all available flights in real time”

  • Flight & Route and Date Availability
  • Flight Offers – Cheapest Fares
  • Shopping and booking
  • Sell Flight & Ticketing
  • Multiple Payment Forms

2. Sell ancillaries: “You are able to complement your offer with ancillaries to provide your client optimal choice”

  • Regular and Special Luggage
  • Special Service Requests
  • Branded Fares
  • Seat Availability & Advanced Seat selection
  • Frequent Flyer numbers – earning Flying Blue miles

3. Manage bookings: “You are able to manage the booking without any manual effort”

  • Change booking
  • Cancel booking
  • Retrieve flight information

Getting Started

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  4. Receive access to the production environment and GO LIVE!

Quality of the API

At Transavia we have over 10 years of experience with API distribution. We started long before NDC programs and other airlines offered API functionality. Our API adheres to the current security, stability and responsiveness guidelines. We have permanent monitoring and alerting in place and offer 24/7 support.

We provide caching options to further enhance the performance of your flight offers search. The cache solutions provide a steady accuracy well above 99%.


Indirect connection

Transavia has API connections with multiple third party intermediaries. These ‘aggregators’ offer content on our behalf. Transavia can advise on which intermediaries offer the best possibilities in terms of performance, payment possibilities, ancillary sales, etc.

Please note that it if you want to make use of an intermediary it is still beneficial to inform Transavia. This will entitle you to the API partner benefits such as marketing and development campaigns.

Open API

Perhaps a full booking API does not suit your company needs. We also offer an affiliate program, which is supported by a set of public API’s. These public API’s allow you to search our fares and provide a deeplink that can be used to book tickets on the Transavia website.

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