Flying with a baby

We want to make the flight as comfortable as possible for both you and your baby. You can find more information on this page about preparing for your journey, luggage allowances, baby food on board and tips for flying with your baby. You can also choose to keep your baby on your lap or book a separate seat for your baby. We have also provided you with all of the information you need on this page.

Rules for travelling with a baby

The safety of your baby (children under 2) is our top priority. That is your baby is not able to travel on our planes until he or she is at least 7 days old. Each adult may travel with a maximum of two babies. You can travel with 1 baby on your lap (€25 per flight) and reserve a separate seat for the other baby (at the adult fare).
If you are travelling with 1 baby, you can put your baby on your lap or book a separate seat. You can find the luggage allowances for this below. You can reserve a separate seat for your baby by calling our Service Centre.

If you are pregnant and do not yet know the name of your child, you can still make a booking for that child. Once the baby is born, contact our Service Centre to submit the child’s name. The baby’s name and date of birth will then be added to the booking.

Travel documents
Your baby must have his or her own valid passport. Are you travelling alone with your baby? If so, you will need additional documents. See the Dutch government website for more information.

Children’s sicknesses
If your baby has mumps, whooping cough, measles, rubella, scarlet fever, fifth disease (slapped cheek syndrome) or chicken pox, then flying with him/her may also be dangerous for your fellow passengers. That is why we request that you take a medical statement that indicates that your child’s sickness is not infectious. This medical statement must meet the following conditions:

  • The medical statement must be written in English.
  • The medical statement must be signed by an independent doctor.
  • The medical statement must have been issued no later than 7 days before the departure of your outbound flight.
  • The medical statement indicates that your baby’s sickness is no longer infectious and that flying is safe for your baby and for fellow passengers.

At security, your baby must also go through the body scanner – you can carry him/her on your arm. If you have brought a folding buggy or car seat, then place this on the same belt as your hand luggage.

My baby is sitting on my lap

If your baby is sitting on your lap, the cabin crew will give you a seat belt extender. This will allow your baby to sit safely on your lap in the seat belt. We recommend that you also keep the seat belt fastened during the remainder of the flight.
Important: Will your baby turn 2 during your trip? If so, your baby will require a separate seat for the return flight. The fare for this seat is the same as for an adult. You can make two separate bookings or contact our Service Centre about this.

You can take the following luggage for your baby free of charge:

Hold luggage of max. 10 kg

For your baby, you may take 1 piece of hold luggage of up to 10 kg. This can be a trolley, pram or folding buggy, for example. Your hold luggage must be handed in at the check-in desk at the airport. A folding buggy is hold luggage, but for the sake of convenience, you can take it as far as the gate. If you would like to take more hold luggage for your baby, you can affordably book extra kilos yourself.

Important: you cannot take any separate hand luggage for your baby. Would you like to take baby food or a nappy bag with you in the cabin? Then put it in your own hand luggage.

Would you prefer to take a folding buggy with you (weighing up to 10 kg) as far as the gate? If so, the buggy will be taken from you there and transported in the hold. You can collect the buggy again on arrival from the baggage carousel. Are you taking a trolley or a pram with you? Then these will be taken from you at the check-in desk.

Below you can see a folding buggy that can be taken up to the gate and a pram that is handed in at the check-in desk.

My baby has a separate seat

You can take the following luggage for your baby free of charge:

Hand luggage
If your baby has his or her own seat (reserved), then he/she can take the same amount of luggage as an adult. This is 1 piece of hand luggage of max. 55 x 40 x 25 cm and max. 10 kg. Want to be sure that your baby’s hand luggage can be brought on board? Make sure the hand luggage is no larger than 45 x 40 x 25 cm. This size bag fits under the seat in front of you or in the luggage compartment above your head.

If you would like to take hold luggage for your baby, you can book this quickly and easily via My Transavia at an affordable fare. You can book extra products up to the time of check-in.

Car seat
Furthermore, you are required to bring along a car seat (e.g. Maxicosi) for your baby’s plane seat so that your baby can travel in comfort. Your car seat should not be wider than 42 cm and no longer than 57 cm and must be a certified child restraint device. Unfortunately, we do not have car seats on board.

  • UN Standard ECE R44-03 and 44-04
  • US FMVSS no. 213
  • Canadese CMVSS 213/123.1
  • Duitse TÜV/958-01/2001
  • Types approved by Transport Canada
  • Types approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Types approved by the Joint Civil Aviation Authority (JAA)

You are also allowed to take along an inflatable child safety seat. Please note that your child is not allowed to sit in the inflatable child safety seat during take-off and landing, and when the seat belt sign is switched on during the flight.

So, even if your baby is sitting in the child safety seat, he/she must stay on your lap during take-off and landing. The cabin crew will give you a seat belt extender which will allow your baby to safely sit on your lap.

Folding buggy
You are allowed to take a folding buggy of max. 10 kg up to the gate. This will then be carried as hold luggage and can be collected on arrival at the baggage carousel.

Reserve a seat for my baby

Would you like more comfort? Then purchase a separate seat for your baby in advance. You can choose your seat number at the time of booking or later in My Transavia. There are specific seats on board which are suitable for sitting with your baby. These seats have an extra oxygen mask for babies. That is why is important to reserve a seat in advance if you want a separate seat for your baby.

Note: Transavia does not have carrycots on board.

Terms & Conditions for taking baby food

You may take as much baby food with you on board as your baby requires during the flight. You may take a maximum of 100 ml of boiled water (for mixing formula) in your hand luggage.

The cabin crew can heat up baby food on board, but be aware that this may take slightly longer because it is heated in a bain-marie. Therefore the baby food may not be at precisely the desired temperature. If you want to heat up your baby food on board, ask the cabin crew well in advance.

If you are breast feeding, please feel free to do this on board.

Tips for flying with a baby

  • Make sure to give your baby a dummy or bottle during take-off and landing to reduce ear pain.
  • You can collect your folding buggy from the baggage carousel. This may be a considerable walking distance from the plane, so take this into account. For instance, take a sling on board for your baby.
  • It can get cold on board a plane. Ensure that your baby is wearing sufficient clothing. There are no blankets on board.
  • Bear in mind that there are no nappies on board.