Extra oxygen on board

Do you need extra oxygen on board during your flight? On this page, you can find two options:

Option 1: You bring your own portable oxygen concentrator with you

You must notify us of this 72 hours before departure.

You can take your own Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) with you on our flights free of charge. You can notify us of this when booking your flight, online via My Transavia or by calling the Service Centre.

Conditions for travelling with a POC:

  • Only a model approved by us may be taken on board:
    • AirSep FreeStyle (Fed. Reg. Sep 12/06)
    • Airsep LifeStyle with an RTCA sticker (SFAR No. 106, Aug 11/2005)
    • Airsep Focus
    • Delphi RS-00400
    • DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo
    • Inogen One (SFAR No. 106, Aug 11/2005)
    • Inogen One G2
    • Inogen G3
    • Invacare SOLO2
    • International Biophysics LifeChoice
    • Invacare XPO100
    • Invacare XP02
    • Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator
    • Philips Simply Go
    • Respironics EverGo (Fed. Reg. Sep 12/06)
    • SeQual Technologies Eclipse (Fed. Reg. Sep 12/06)
    • Weinmann Ventilogic plus ventilator

    Is your POC brand not included in the selection? If your POC is approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), it can be taken on board. Please note: Remember to bring proof of POC approval with you.

  • You can only take a POC with dry battery on board our flights.
    Make sure the batteries are sufficiently charged. We cannot charge batteries on board.

  • You can operate the device and are able to respond to announcements.
    If you require assistance, make sure your travel companion/attendant (aged 16 or older) is able to help you. 

  • You require a medical statement in English from an independent physician or specialist. The medical certificate must state the following:
    1. You are healthy enough to fly. This is a Fit to Fly certificate.
    2. The POC provides you with enough oxygen in a pressurised cabin.
    3. The phases of the flight during which you require the POC. You can choose from taxiing, take-off, flying at cruising altitude and landing.

Option 2: We provide the extra oxygen on board

You can request this extra oxygen up to 72 hours before the departure of your flight. The fee is €75 per bottle of around 400 litres.

Prefer that we take care of the extra oxygen on board for you? Pass this request on to our Service Centre. They will be happy to arrange this for you. We require a medical certificate from you for this. The Service Centre will provide you with all information required to submit this medical certificate. This certificate will allow us to calculate how much oxygen you require during the flight. Our Service Centre will contact you by phone once the request has been approved. After this confirmation by phone, your request is considered confirmed.

  • You are able to operate the device yourself.
    Or you are travelling together with someone (aged 16 or over) who can provide assistance.

  • You require a signed medical certificate in English from an independent physician or specialist.
    The required number of litres of oxygen per minute is stated. The certificate must also state whether the oxygen is on stand-by or continuous. The medical certificate must be issued no later than 7 days before the departure of your flight and is required for all flights to and from the Netherlands.

  • You require less than 1,500 litres of oxygen per flight.
    If you require more oxygen, it is not possible to fly due to safety regulations.

  • You may not use your own oxygen bottles in the plane.
    You may take empty oxygen containers with you for use at the destination. These will be transported as hold luggage.

  • Oxygen can only be requested for flights departing and arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport.
  • One exception to this is the Amsterdam-Paris (Orly) route.