Change passenger details

Are you taking someone else than originally planned with you or did you enter the wrong date of birth? You can easily change your passenger details online through My Transavia. You can change the first and/or last name and date of birth.

Changing your details yourself: it’s a piece of cake!

You can change a name or date of birth through your My Transaviaaccount. Create an account, log in and you can easily change a name or date of birth. Any extra fees for the change(s) will be shown immediately. Once you have finished making the changes, we will send you a new booking confirmation within a few minutes.

These changes cannot be made to your booking

You can change your passenger details, except in the following cases:
  • You booked a return flight and the outbound flight has already taken place. In this case, you can no longer change passenger details for your return flight.
  • You are already checked in. In this case, you can no longer make any booking changes.