Booking cancellation

We realise that travel plans can change. If it is no longer possible to rebook your ticket, then you can decide to cancel your entire booking.

How do I cancel my booking?

You can easily cancel your entire booking via My Transavia. The booking overview at the bottom of the page has a booking cancellation option.

This lets you cancel the entire booking, i.e. for all flights and for all passengers. The main booker will receive an email to confirm the cancellation. If you would like to cancel part of your booking, such as only one of the flights or one of the passengers, you can do so using the online contact form or by calling our Service Centre.


If you did not book directly with Transavia, you can cancel your booking via your travel organisation.

How much do I get refunded with a cancellation?

We do not reimburse the cost of tickets. You can contact your insurance company. In some cases, you can get a refund through your cancellation insurance.

You can, however, claim a refund from us of the taxes you paid. You can indicate that when you cancel your booking using the online contact form or by calling our Service Centre. We charge a €10 administration fee for this. It is possible to claim a refund of taxes paid up to 3 months after the departure date of your flight.

Will I receive a cancellation statement for the cancellation insurance?

If the insurance company must refund your ticket, you may be asked to submit a ‘cancellation statement’. After your booking has been cancelled, you will automatically receive a cancellation statement by email.