Boarding pass

Have you checked in online? Then the next step is to download your boarding pass! You can also download your boarding pass onto your smartphone, so that you have all flight details within fast and easy reach!

What is a boarding pass?

A boarding pass is a pass that you need to go through the security checkpoint and to board the aircraft.

What type of boarding passes are there?

There are a few types of boarding passes depending on the route and the device you use to download your boarding pass:

  1. Printable boarding pass
    Print out this boarding pass at home and bring it with you to the airport. Please note: You cannot show a printable boarding pass on your mobile phone.
  2. Mobile boarding pass
    Download your boarding pass on your mobile phone using the QR code displayed on your screen after you check in. Show the mobile boarding pass at the airport. Please note: You cannot print out your mobile boarding pass or show it on a tablet.

You can use the mobile boarding pass at all airports, except if you are departing from Dubai.

How do I download my boarding pass?

You need to check in first before you can download your boarding pass. This is how it works:

  1. Go to My Transavia
    You can check in online on My Transavia from 30 hours to 4 or 1 hour(s) before departure.
  2. Log in
    Log in with your booking number, the last name of one of the passengers and the departure date.
  3. Check in passengers
    Select the passengers you want to check in. Please note: After you’ve checked in, you can no longer make any changes to your booking.
  4. Download your boarding pass
    Download your boarding pass via the link on your screen.

How do I use a mobile boarding pass?

  • Open the boarding pass on your mobile phone
  • Ensure that the boarding pass is clearly visible
  • Hold your phone in front of the scanner at the airport

Can I print out my boarding pass at the airport?

Are you unable to download or print out your boarding pass? You can print out your boarding pass at the airport. You can do this at one of the check-in desks. For more information about the opening times of the check-in desks, see the check-in section.


Boarding pass printing problems

If you are not able to print your boarding pass after checking in online, check whether your computer uses Acrobat Reader (version 6.x or higher). Download Acrobat Reader. You can easily check in online via our website. There are two options:
  • Save your boarding pass and print it later on.
  • Go to one of the check-in desks at the airport and print your boarding pass there.

You can also use a mobile boarding pass at all times, except if you are flying from Dubai. It is also possible to download a mobile boarding pass. You will see this option automatically when you check in online.