The VNV (Dutch Airline Pilots Association) delivers an ultimatum to Transavia

The VNV (Dutch Airline Pilots Association) delivers an ultimatum to Transavia. This week the Transavia negotiation team has been in intensive negotiations with the VNV. To our disappointment, the VNV dismissed our offer and has given us an ultimatum of Saturday 17 February at 1 pm. Unfortunately, a strike has come another step closer. We are preparing ourselves for the next steps.

Imforming passengers

The main thing we want to share with you is that whatever happens, we will always show our best side to customers, partners and staff. This is also a tricky situation for our pilots.

In the event of a strike, we will make every effort to provide current information on our website at least eight hours before the start of a flight.  We will also inform you by e-mail if the VNV announces a strike.

You can find up to date information on 

Please note! As always we are informing our passengers by text message and email about disruptions to our operations.

The data for this service is obtained from the booking confirmation. If the booking was made by a travel organisation, we are sending the text message and e-mail to that organisation, provided a mobile number and valid email address were entered.

It is important that the travel organisation informs the passenger concerned immediately. This ensures that all passengers are informed in the same way.

This will allow us to communicate directly with all of our passengers regarding disruptions to our operations and to inform the travel organisation at the same time.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Partner Support Team. They would be happy to assist you.