Who would you like to thank?

It’s almost summer. And for many that means… time to go on holiday! But who will be looking after your home while you are away? Who will be feeding your cat or walking your dog? And who will be watering your beloved plants? The person staying at home. So a good reason to thank him or her!

Celebrating those who stay at home

Our ‘stay-at-homers’ campaign went live last Tuesday, 13 June, and will run until 26 June 2017.

Summer is approaching rapidly and soon many will be taking their summer holiday. But no one leaves on holiday without ensuring that their home is being looked after while they’re gone. The person staying at home makes sure the plants get watered, the cat fed, the mail picked up and/or the lights switched on and curtains drawn. In other words, this is the person who makes your holiday possible. So it is high time to celebrate this group of ‘holiday enablers’.

You can register this person at Transaviathuisblijvers.nl, stating why you believe your holiday enabler deserves special attention. You can also send him or her a personal e-mail or Facebook post by way of thanks via the website. We will review all entries and choose a number of winners, who we will then surprise with tickets. Moreover, we will be filming these surprise giveaways and sharing the film on Facebook and other sites.

Stay-at-homers in the media

Digital billboards will be installed at railway stations and in shopping centres near our airports, announcing the possibility to register your stay-at-homer at transaviathuisblijvers.nl. This message will also be announced at Eindhoven Airport. A video will be launched online on ‘Uitzending gemist’ and other programmes. We will also have a takeover on Telegraaf.nl on the evening of Tuesday 20 June and the campaign will be present in social media, where we will post a number of announcements, as well as advertise extensively via these channels. Our own homepage, landing page and newsletter will also focus on this campaign this week.

Share? Please do!

Naturally, we also want to share this campaign with our business partners, so that passengers who booked their flights through your company are aware of the campaign and can take part.

We have included a copy of the campaign text that you can use for posting in your own communication channels. The enclosed pictures and video content can be used to support and promote the campaign.

General teaser: https://youtu.be/KO9n1T_NeLs
Dog teaser: https://youtu.be/3ilcNfRuzR8
Plant teaser: https://youtu.be/kktOANlGP2E
http://client.webone.se/happify/transavia/overraska/ (demo action page). The data collected will not be used for follow-up/other campaigns.

If you have any questions about this campaign, please let us know! We would be happy to answer them.