Extra payment option: SEPA Direct Debit

You will soon be able to pay for a booking with the SEPA Direct Debit payment option. It was already possible to complete a secure payment using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, iDeal and through a deposit payment. SEPA Direct Debit is a payment option with no payment fee, just like a deposit and iDeal.

What is SEPA Direct Debit?

A SEPA Direct Debit or SDD is also known as a European Direct Debit and, in the Netherlands, as a 'SEPA-incasso'. SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area and includes all countries within the EU. A payment via SEPA Direct Debit authorises a continuous payment or one-off payment via European direct debit.

How do SEPA Direct Debit payments work with Transavia?

Would you like to pay for your bookings with SEPA Direct Debit from now on? Then follow the following steps:

1. Download the application form via the following link: Download Application SEPA (PDF)
 2. Send the completed and signed application form by email to sales.support@transavia.com
 3. When the completed application form is sent to Sales Support, the function will be switched on and you will then be able to complete payments using SEPA Direct Debit.

When you have been granted access to SEPA Direct Debit, you can complete a payment securely and easily in a few steps:

1. When completing the payment, select the payment option ‘SEPA Direct Debit’.
2. Enter the name of the bank account holder and the IBAN.
 3. Approve the authorisation by clicking on “continue”. Done!

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