Partner Portal instructions

The username and password sent to you can be used to log into the Partner Portal.

Log in window

After logging in, you can easily make a booking

Where do you want to go

You can select from the Basic, Plus and Max fares.


To purchase a hold booking, follow the booking flow to the payment page, where you will find the ‘Hold booking’ option.

Create a hold booking

Your hold booking is successful when the following screen appears. Please note: The booking will be kept on hold for four 24-hour periods, after which it will expire automatically.

You can copy the booking summary to the clipboard via the ‘details’ hyperlink.


You can also view (final) bookings under ‘My bookings’ at the top left.

Header menu

The ‘News’ tab at the top right can be used to stay up to date on the latest Transavia news and developments.