Introduction pilot Transavia entertainment cloud

On July 5th 2017, Transavia will launch a pilot to test the Transavia entertainment cloud.
We would like to explain what this is exactly and what the pilot entails.

What is Transavia entertainment cloud?

- It's an on board streaming service that offers entertainment to our passengers.
- Passengers can connect to the Transavia entertainment cloud with their own smartphone, laptop or tablet. This is very simple and is explained in a flyer that can be found in the seat pocket.
- The Transavia entertainment cloud does not offer Wi-Fi on board, so passengers can not join the internet.
- We offer a selection of free content like magazines, newspapers, movies, TV series, games, an offline version of our own Instagram page, and also a chat feature that lets you connect with other passengers on the flight.
- The content is refreshed daily. This way we have current newspapers on board and we can also make sure that we regularly refresh the remaining content.
- There is also a feedback feature that allows passengers to leave their feedback about the system.

 We are going to test Transavia entertainment cloud on our 5 latest aircrafts for 6 months, starting on July 5th, 2017. We offer a flyer in the seat pocket that shows how it works in Dutch and English.