Transavia starts Design Sprint with students

Students from the Reiswerk Student Challenge have completed a Design Sprint at Transavia. By making it more specific, they determined a MVP (Minimal Viable Product), and validated a first prototype for customers in only one week of time. We have done this with a dedicated multidisciplinary team of students and relevant specialists available on demand.

Reiswerk  Studenten Challenge 2017

Transavia sponsored the 2017 Reiswerk Student Challenge. The goal of the Challenge is to introduce students to potential future employers in the travel industry. The students were challenged to pitch innovative ideas for various touch points in the customer journey in order to enhance the customer experience. The students with the best ideas have won a brief job stint at Transavia; an unique opportunity for the students to get acquainted with working in the travel industry.

In a nutshell, it was a fantastic experience in which Transavia worked together intensively with the employees of the future!
design sprint