The VNV (Dutch Airline Pilots Association) did not want to respond to Transavia's offer

This week the Transavia negotiation team has been in intensive negotiations with the VNV (Dutch Airline Pilots Association). Yesterday the VNV  did not even want to discuss our offer. To our disappointment,  a strike has come another step closer.


We planned to take the VNV into an offer that meets the needs of our pilots on all points. We wanted to make an utmost effort to prevent further escalation of the conflict with the VNV board.

We can’t make a wider offer because this would be irresponsible in view of the necessary investments to make Transavia healthy for the long term. Some of the requirements of the VNV board in the area of grid stability cannot be made in the operation. Accepting them would lead to irreparable damage to Transavia and to multiple cancellations per day.

We are surprised that the president and vice-president did not want to enter into discussions about the content of our offer, and even refused to hear the offer. It is now up to the VNV to respond and take their responsibility

We are preparing to limit any inconvenience to our passengers, partners and employees in the event of a strike.

When the VNV launches a strike, passengers at the airports Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport are informed by means of a letter. In this letter we ask passengers, who have booked through a travel organization, to contact their travel organization. A copy of the letter will be emailed to our partners if the strike occurs.

In the event of a strike, we will make every effort to provide current information on our website at least eight hours before the start of a flight.  We will also inform you by e-mail if the VNV announces a strike.

Please note! We would like to remind you to be alert about Transavia's news about a possible strike and to immediately pass this information on to your passengers, especially to passengers abroad.