Seat reservation

Would you like to be sure that you will be sitting together, would you rather have some extra legroom, or would you like to sit next to the window? If so, reserve your seat before departure! You can reserve a seat for yourself and your travelling companions as soon as you book your flight, but this is also easy to do later. 

How do I reserve a seat?

You can reserve a seat when making your booking or afterwards in My Transavia. Seat reservations are possible until 48 hours before departure of your flight. As always, the earlier you book, the more seats will still be available from which to choose. If you do not reserve a seat, you and your travelling companions will be assigned to the remaining seats during check-in. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot guarantee that you will be sitting together. 

Tip: Take your booking confirmation with you to the airport, as it states your reserved seats.

You can choose from these seats:

Basic fare

Plus fare

Max fare

Seat with standard legroom
(74 cm – 76 cm)

€4-6 per person per flight



Seat in the front 
(74 cm – 76 cm)

€6-9 per person per flight

€2 per person per flight


Seat in the first row
(91 cm)

€12-21 per person per flight

€11 per person per flight


Seat with extra legroom
(86 cm – 100 cm)

€8-15 per person per flight

€6 per person per flight


Seat price depends on the chosen route.

Reserve a seat first and then check in online

You can only reserve a seat in My Transavia if you have not yet checked in online. After checking in online (30 to 4 hours before departure of your flight), you can no longer add anything to or change your booking. Have you already reserved seats? You can no longer make any changes after you have checked in online. 


For your own safety as well as that of all our passengers aboard the aircraft, not everyone can reserve a seat. The following passengers cannot reserve a seat:

  1. Passengers who cannot walk at all (e.g. passengers in wheelchairs) 
  2. Passengers who require extra oxygen aboard the aircraft
  3. Passengers travelling with a pet in the cabin
  4. Unaccompanied minors (ages 5 - 11) 
In these cases, we ensure that you will receive the most suitable seat on board. 

The reservation of a seat next to an emergency exit cannot be made for:

  1. Passengers travelling with children (ages 0 through 11) 
  2. Corpulent passengers 
  3. Pregnant women 
  4. Passengers who are blind or deaf
  5. Passengers with health problems 
  6. Unaccompanied minors (ages 12 through 15) 
  7. Passengers with a fear of flying 
  8. Mentally handicapped passengers

Please note!

Back row seats and exit row seats cannot be reclined.