Medical luggage

Do you need to take medical luggage with you on your flight? You can take up to 15 kg of medical luggage on our flights for free.

Conditions for taking medical luggage

If you are taking medical luggage with you, a number of conditions apply:

  1. A medical statement in English is required. This statement must be issued by an independent physician no later than 6 months before the departure of the return flight. You show your medical statement at the check-in desk. Want more information on this? Go to the medical statement page.

  2. Medical luggage that you do not need during the flight is transported as hold luggage.

  3. Sensitive medical equipment may be taken as an extra piece of hand luggage. The weight limit is 10 kg and the size limit is 55 x 40 x 25 cm. Does your luggage not meet these requirements? It will be decided beforehand whether you can take your luggage on board or whether it will have to be transported as hold luggage.

Notifying us of your medical luggage

You can inform us that you are taking medical luggage with you up to 48 hours before the departure of your flight. This helps us make sure your flight is as comfortable as possible. You can notify us of this when booking your flight, online via My Transavia or by calling the Service Centre.