Medical certificate

For your own safety and health, you may sometimes require a medical certificate issued from your doctor in order to fly. This medical certificate states that you are healthy enough to travel in a pressurised cabin and/or that you are travelling with medical luggage.

When do you require a physician’s statement?

  1. You need extra oxygen on board during the flight. The medical statement will include the number of litres of oxygen needed per minute.
  2. You are taking medical luggage with you. The maximum weight limit is 15 kg.
  3. You are pregnant and there have been complications during your pregnancy.
  4. You or your child has a contagious illness (such as chicken pox). The statement must state that the illness is no longer in the contagious phase.
  5. You are undergoing a medical procedure within 8 days of departure. 
  6. You have a plaster cast. You can also fly with us without a medical statement. You are aware of the risks of flying with a cast. 
  7. You are unable to sit in a normal upright position in the airplane seat during take-off and landing. 
Note: Do you have an ear infection or fever? Also ask your doctor for a statement in this case. After all, travelling in a pressurised cabin can aggravate some symptoms. If in doubt, always consult your doctor.