Fast Track security

We understand that time is money. That is why the Max fare includes Fast Track security. You can also purchase this service separately via My Transavia. Fast Track security lets you enjoy a shorter, separate line for security screening. 

What is Fast Track security?

Fast Track security is a separate lane for security screening and is sometimes designated the ‘Priority Lane’. This line is shorter, so that you get through security faster.

Please note: All passengers must comply with the same safety rules and procedures at the airport. So make sure you have enough time to get through security and X-ray screening.

Who can use Fast Track security?

Anyone who books a ticket with the Max fare can use Fast Track security.

How does Fast Track security work?

Fast Track security is available at:

  • Paris
  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Madeira (Funchal)
  • Faro
  • Lyon
  • Madrid

At some airports, you can scan the QR code on your boarding pass at the automatic gates. If this is not possible, you can show your boarding pass.