Denied boarding

Passenger safety is our top priority. This means that, in some instances, we may have to deny boarding to passengers due to, for example, their health condition or to guarantee safety on board. We call this denied boarding. If you are denied boarding without good reason, you can receive a refund of your ticket amount or be rebooked onto a different flight. We explain these options in detail below.

Option 1) We offer you another flight or a refund

  1. You opt for a refund

    If you opt for a refund, you will receive the full amount you paid for the flight within 7 days. Obviously, this only applies to the flight on which you were denied boarding. This also means you can no longer use that ticket.
  2. You opt for the next available flight.

    You can opt to be rebooked onto the next available and comparable Transavia flight.
  3. You opt for a flight on a different date

    You can also decide to be rebooked onto a different, comparable Transavia flight on a later date of your choice.

Option 2) We offer you compensation in cash

In some cases, you are entitled to cash compensation if denied boarding. An exception to this is if you are denied boarding due to circumstances beyond our control.

The compensation amount depends on the length of the flight.

  1. €250

    For flights shorter than 1500 km

  2. €400

    For flights within the EU, longer than 1500 km 

  3. €400

    For other flights between 1500 and 3500 km 

  4. €600

    For other flights 

If you are entitled to compensation, the refund will be deposited into your bank account within seven days.

Note: If we offer to rebook you onto a different flight to your destination, we are entitled to cut the above compensation amount in half. A condition for this is that the difference between the new arrival time and scheduled arrival time of the original flight does not exceed the number of hours stated below:

  1. Flights up to 1500 km:

    Scheduled arrival does not differ by more than two hours
  2. Flights between 1500 and 3500 km:

    Scheduled arrival does not differ by more than three hours
  3. Flights longer than 3500 km:

    Scheduled arrival does not differ by more than four hours

Extra care in the event of denied boarding

Would you prefer to be put on the next available flight? In this case, you are also entitled to extra care:

  1. Meals and/or refreshments; in proportion to the length of the delay

  2. If it is necessary for you to stay one or more nights extra at your destination, we will arrange an accommodation and transport to/from the airport and your accommodation.

Did you book your flight with a travel organisation?

The above conditions also apply to you. You can only request a refund of your flight costs from your travel organisation.

You were denied boarding. What now?

If you are denied boarding, naturally this is an unpleasant experience, regardless of the reason. If you feel you were wrongfully denied boarding, you can contact us using our online contact form.